Saturday, June 23, 2012

Watermelon Season :D

   What makes summer so special? Is it the fact that there's no school, that winter is all the way on the other end of the year, far, far away, or maybe the powerful thunderstorms that come in all of the furry leaving the world wet and steamy? I believe that summer is made by many things, different to each person, but none the less one cannot deny that it is a special time.
    I, the busy body I am, have always had mixed feelings about the summer as I loved the vacations, the tanning, and leisure lifestyle, but then the serious side of me kicks in and I miss the routine of the school days, the friends, and the sports. I even miss the turning of textbook pages as the leaves outside turn colors themselves and flutter to the sidewalks by a cool October breeze. 
   Yet despite all of these mixed feelings, do you know what I love the most about summer? Watermelon! haha :) Yep, there's nothing like a biting into a cool, crisp slice and feel the juice run in little rivers down your arms, dripping onto your bare, dirty feet (at least mine always are). If summer were to be summed up in a taste it would definitely be watermelon. I mean think about it when else do you have that taste? At our house we will all sit out on the front porch and have contests to see who can spit the seeds the furthest, but I must admit that it usually turns into spitting them at each other until someone gets one in their eye and Mom tells us to stop. Sigh. 
   With June wrapping up here this coming week the year is up on its tippy-toes and is reaching it's utmost peak which means we are the furthest possible distance away from winter! So go outside, get some sun, make a fort, sing a song, and dance in a meadow--enjoy this life! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Greetings All!
   I can hardly believe that I finally have my very own blog, but I am so excited to share thoughts with you and hear yours! Please remember to be respectful and considerate when commenting and have an open mind.
  I wanted to start by explaining this blog's name--Selcouth. I personally had never heard of the word before today, but when thinking about my goal in creating this blog, it was perfect. The word selcouth describes some thing that is "rare, strange, marvelous, and wonderful"and as the theme of this blog is to be a to think about and discuss the world around us, I thought that selcouth summed up the earth and life perfectly!
   We live in a world full of rare, strange, marvelous, and wonderful all at the same time and now let us explore it with the most amazing part of the human body--the mind.
    I hope you will check in often and take part in this journey with me!